Beginning of Summer Concert and Fundraiser Virtual Food Drive

Organized by Bay Forest Social Committee

My Goal

$25 of $500

The Bay Forest Social Committee is hosting a concert to raise funds for the Food Bank of Delaware with a focus on our local area which includes 7 community partners/pantries and 9 school sites from the Indian River School District. Proceeds from this event will benefit the Food Bank of Delaware. If you cannot attend the concert but want to contribute to help feed the hungry please donate to our Virtual Food Drive.

General Donation

Enter Donation Amount:

Canned Tuna
14 cans

Price: $10.00

Brown Rice
30 bags

Price: $15.00


Price: $20.00

30 boxes

Price: $35.00

Mashed Potatoes
10 boxes

Price: $30.00

Frozen turkey

Price: $25.00

Beef Stew
60 cans

Price: $75.00

Juices & Water
50 boxes and bottles

Price: $18.00

2% Milk
50 8 oz. boxes

Price: $20.00

Canned Peas & Pinto Beans
45 cans

Price: $25.00

Canned Peaches
60 cans

Price: $40.00

Toasted Oats Cereal
32 boxes

Price: $50.00